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Winter Preschool Crafts: Essential and *Cheap* Supplies

Winter Preschool Crafts: Essential and *Cheap* Supplies

  • Winter crafts are so much fun!  I love winter, snow, and ice (and am not afraid of mice), and I like to do winter art projects as much as any preschooler.

    Winter is also the season for many on-the-spot art projects, and it’s best to stock up on some inspirational supplies.  Fortunately, all you need can be found for cheap at the grocery store.  Here are my favorite inexpensive, versatile, and easy to find materials:

    Plain white paper

    • The obvious project is paper snowflakes, the kind you fold up and cut.  Three year olds can do this if you use thin paper and scissors that aren’t totally hopeless, and you fold it for them.  Several people have also recommended using coffee filters because they’re already round.
    • Cut circles of different sizes to make snow people — you can also make snow animals out of ovals.  I still have snowman ornaments from when I went to preschool.
    • Cut simple, non-holey snowflakes to make snow flowers.  This looks really cool layered on top of each other, and I’m making a grownup snow flower collage with a huge, beautiful frame I found at the thrift.

    Cotton balls

    • Glue them on construction paper bunny shapes to make snow bunnies.  I don’t know why this is so cute, but it is.  You can also make homemade play dough and use that to create 3D snow bunnies.
    • Glue them on blue paper for abstract snowball scene art, or pull them apart to make snow banks.
    • String them on fishing tackle or thread to make cool, irregular garlands.


    • Goes with everything.  You can opt for the less-messy glitter glue, but preschoolers love to shake the sparkly out of jars.  It’s very fun if you stop worrying about the mess.
    • Make sure to get different colors of glitter — not just snow queen silver or sparkly white, but iridescent and “rainbow.”

    Pipe cleaners, extra long

    • You need the length to make crowns, tiaras, or alien antennae!
    • Use them as stems for your snow flowers.
    • Make snow creatures out of play dough and pipe cleaners (add glitter for sparkly snow creatures…)
    • Twist them together for magic wands

    These are just our favorites.  If you have anything to add, let me know in the comments, or email me: 365waysprogram@gmail.com

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